Partner with GLO and let us transform your luxury living space with Lutron, the connectivity innovator making smart lighting, temperature, audio and blind control possible in every home.

Gain complete control over your home at the touch of a button using a hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Lutron System Installations

System Installations

We are proud to be certified partners of Lutron, and our experienced team can seamlessly integrate Lutron technology into your home.

From intuitive designs to bespoke installations to servicing, we can introduce you to a captivating world of luxury home innovation.

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Lutron Lighting


Whether building a new home or upgrading an existing one, Lutron provides the perfect solution for smart lighting control systems.
  • Lutron's remote-control feature allows you to manage your home's illumination from anywhere, enhancing convenience and security by simulating occupancy to deter intruders. Customise your environment to reflect your mood, transforming spaces with tailored lighting. Lutron's efficient system saves energy, consuming 4-9% less power than standard lights and extending bulb lifespan.
Lutron Shading Solutions

Window Treatment

Whether you prefer roller shades, drapes, wooden blinds or Roman shades, a Lutron system allows you to create the perfect synergy between natural and artificial lighting
  • Lutron's advanced technology ensures precise control and synchronization of shades and blinds for optimal alignment, light control, and privacy. Their wood blinds uniquely offer independent lift and tilt for perfect positioning, while automated programming adjusts to temperature and maximizes natural light exposure. With a wide selection of honeycomb shades, Lutron enhances comfort and efficiency in your home by regulating light and temperature.
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We’re recognised for our expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and excellence in installing all Lutron products.

We gain a deep understanding of your vision and aspirations for your Lutron System. We then seamlessly integrate this insight with the layout of your building, transforming your dream into reality.

With a legacy spanning over two and a half decades, we’re able to combine expert knowledge with our love of technology to deliver luxury home automation solutions tailored to your lifestyle.

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