As CEDIA Award Winners and Members, we offer three CPD courses to assist our RIBA partners with learning about the home technology aspects of residential buildings.


CPD courses can be booked in over Lunch hours. Our passion and knowledge make our courses educational, informative and entertaining.


We cover London and the South East, Cheshire, Manchester and North Yorkshire.


Please contact or call 020 7183 5300 to book.

Designing Home Cinemas and

Media Rooms

  • The components that make a good home cinema room and media room

  • The design principles of sound and vision

  • The difference between a home cinema and a media room

  • How to raise awareness of home cinemas and media rooms, how to help clients choose and specify rooms and raise the standard of the rooms

  • How to work with a system designer and look at requirements

​To book this course, email or call 020 7183 5300

Home Cinema CPD
Home Automation CPDs

Designing the Connected Home

  • The importance of good design in a connected home

  • How home technology is designed and installed

  • The possibilities for integrated technology in projects

  • Why architects should discuss technology with their clients

  • The possibilities for technology in projects and the associated processes


To book this course, email or call 020 7183 5300

Cabling for the Integrated Home

  • What makes a home a Smart Home?

  • What is required to cable an ‘Integrated Home’ 

  • The basic design principles 

  • Key metrics/space 

  • When to ask for guidance or professional assistance

  • Key vocabulary and phrases


To book this course, email  or call 020 7183 5300

Integrated Home Systems CPD